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Research-Based Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts must be submitted by October 27, 2023 at 11:59 PM, Pacific Daylight Time.

Preference will be given to quantitative and qualitative research-based abstracts that report complete results. An example abstract can be found HERE.

Abstract reviewers will use a rubric to rate abstracts on a Likert-type scale ranging from "poor" to "excellent."

  • Significance of research: Does the research address an important problem in the health behavior field? Are findings of significance?
  • Innovation: Does the research take a novel approach to studying a health behavior problem? Does the research use novel methods, instruments, or interventions?
  • Approach: Is the overall research approach methodologically and analytically sound?
  • Clarity of results: Are the results of the study clearly explained in the abstract? Are the results reported germane to the study (do the results directly answer the research question or study purpose provided?)
  • Writing clarity: Is the writing free of inaccuracies and easy to read?

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