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Scientific Meeting 2024 - Poster Session 1

Sunday, April 14, 2024
5:45pm - 7:00pm

Board # Authors Poster Title



Churchill, Victoria; Rivers, Brian A Multilevel Formative Research Approach to Inform the Design of an Innovative Health Communication Intervention Targeting Underserved Women in Georgia to Increase the Uptake of the HPV Vaccine



Bishop, Raegan; Koehly, Laura Improving Family Health History Communication Through Practice in Virtual Reality



Nguyen, Annie L.; Johnson, Clarence; Seal, David W. Identifying Strategies to Better Support Older Adults Leaving Prison



Clausen, Bryce, K; Rinck, Mike; Nizio, Pamella; Thai, Jessica, M; Smits, Jasper, A; Gallagher, Matthew, W; Zvolensky, Michael, J; Garey, Lorra Approach Bias Retraining for Dual Combustible and Electronic Cigarette Users: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial



Fernandez, Sofia, B.; Garey, Lorra, L.; Businelle, Michael; Cheney, Marshall, K.; Chen, Ann; Jones, Ava, A.; Obasi, Ezemenari; Trepka, MJ Study Protocol for Freedom to Reach Emotional Empowerment (FREE) mHealth Intervention



Tran, Jennifer, T.; Bauermeister, José, A. Feasibility and Acceptability of a Creative Narrative Behavioral Health Intervention for SGM Emerging Adults of Color



Britton, M.; Dey, A.; Martinez Leal, I; Rogova, A.; Chen, T.A.,; Lowenstein, L.M.; Sanchez, H.; Reitzel, L.R. Implementation and Dissemination of Project SWITCH (Supporting Workplace Investment in Tobacco Control and Health): A Quality Improvement Study Protocol to Address Tobacco Use, Relapse Prevention, and Secondhand Smoke Exposure at Texas Lung Cancer Screening Centers



Borawski, Elaine A; Goodwin, Meredith A; Glenn, Alissa C; Mundorf, Christopher; Fernandez, Laura I; Larberg, Ndidi; Gunzler, Douglas D; Lever, Jonathan S Study Design and Protocol for Nourishing Beginnings, an Integrated Service Delivery Model Addressing Food Insecurity and Social Needs of Low-Income Pregnant Individuals
109* Mkuu, Rahma; Chakrabarti , Choeeta; Hall, Jaclyn; Amuta, Ann; Harvey, Idethia How Should We Communicate About HPV Self-Collection? Lessons Learned From Black Women with High-Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer Mortality
110 Wong, Su-Wei, PhD, CHES; Yang, Meng, MPH, MS; Ou, Tzung-Shiang, PhD, RN; Lin, Hsien-Chang, PhD Initiating Cannabis Use by Vaping Mediated the Associations between E-cigarette Use and Later Cannabis Use among U.S. Young Adults
111 Myint, Wah, W; Tomar, Aditi; Clark, Heather, R; McKyer, E.Lisako, J; Smith, Matthew, L Mediation Effect of Intergenerational Violence and Partner’s Drinking Behavior on Physical Violence Among Cambodian Women
112 Altman, Rochelle; Davis, Rachel; Thrasher, James; Fang, Dai; Gutierrez, Indira; Jáuregui, Alejandra; Quevedo Torres, Kathia Larissa; Arellano Gomez, Laura; Drolet-Labelle, Virginie; Vanderlee, Lana; Hammond, David Association Between Social Norms and Sugary Drink Consumption Among Mexican-Americans in the US: Findings from International Food Policy Study 2021
113 Largo-Wight, Erin; Truelove, Heather, B The Importance of Environmental Concern and Environmental Identity on Personal Behavior Versus Support for Public Policies
114 Lo, Wen-Juo; Murray, Regan M; Chiang, Shawn; Manganello, Jennifer A; Klassen, Ann C; Leader, Amy E; Hill, Larry; Guan, Mengfei; Massey, Philip M Comparing Generation X and Millennial Parent Attitudes Toward HPV Vaccination in the U.S.: A MIMIC Model Approach
115 Howard, Kerry, A; Griffin, Sarah, F; Stuenkel, Mackenzie; Sease, Kerry, K Considerations for Teaching and Evaluating Childhood Bicycle Skill Acquisition and Injury Prevention Behavior
116 Merrill, Ray, M; Barker, Christian Speech Disturbances in Relation to Mental illness, Suicidal Ideation, and Sleep Disorders
117 Bishop, Raegan; Wang, Helen; Lin, Jielu; Koehly, Laura Perceived Social Support and Health Behaviors Among Mexican Americans in Texas: The Role of Social Ties
118 Robbins, Chris; Middendorf, Alex; Van Gilder, Deidra; Hanson, Stephanie; Miller, Erin Improving the Health of South Dakotans with Pharmacy Based Education, Counseling, and Clinical Management of Diabetes and CVD
119 Rajmohan, Aruna; Hunt, Aaron; Luong, Tri; Robbins, Chris Impact of One-way SMS Health Communication to Increase PrEP Intake in Non-HIV STI Testing Patients: A Pre-Post Intervention Demographic Study
120 Moyers, Susette A.; Doherty, Emily A.; Appleseth, Hannah; Crockett-Barbera, Erica K.; Croff, Julie M. Protective Experiences (PACEs) are Associated with Alcohol Use in Adolescent and Emerging Adult Females by Dimension of Childhood Adversity
121 Pickett, Andrew, C; Valdez, Danny; Sinclair, Kelsey, L; Longanathar, Priya; Linden, Anna; Boutillier, Justin; Elliott, Christian; Zuraw, Matthew; Werner, Nicole, E “Not sure why I’m writing all this… Just to organize my thoughts I guess.” Exploratory Topic Modeling and User Engagement with a Digital Journaling Tool for Caregivers of People Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (AD/ADRD)
122* Neelamegam, Malinee; Nguyen, Annie; Rajasuriar, Reena; Nhpang, Roi San; Patil, Shilpa; Srivastava, Aditi; Smith, Matthew Psychosocial Risk Factors of Stroke Among People Living with HIV (PLWH): Results from the Malaysian HIV and Aging Study
123 Davis, Rachel E.; Fang, D.; Vanderlee, L.; Thrasher, J. F.; Jauregui, A.; White, C. M.; Gutierrez Orozco, I.; Oviedo Solís, C. I.; Hammond, D. Examining the Role of Aguas Frescas in Assessment of Sugary Drink Intake among Mexican and Mexican American Adults
124 Luningham, Justin, M; Krenek, Brittany, N; Desai, Palak; Siddique, Nitasha; Thompson, Erika, L; Vishwanatha, Jamboor, K Booster Fatigue: Characteristics and Attitudes of COVID-19 Vaccine-Hesitant Adults in Texas
125 Valdez, Danny; Soto-Vasquez, Arthur, D.; Montenegro, Maria, S.; Liu, Xuejing; Gonzalez-Casanova, Ines; Patterson, Megan, S.; Massey, Philip, M. “I got diagnosed with HPV now what do I do?”: Computational Insights Into the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Subreddit Forum as a Valid Information Seeking Tool for Social Media Users with Questions about HPV
126 Ruiz, Yumary; Jiang, Xue; Carlo, Gustavo; Thota, Aditya, K.; Taylor, Zoe E. Parent-Child Substance Use Communication Among Rural Latino/a Youth from Farmworker/Agricultural Families
127 Lu, Yu; Lee, Jeong Kyu; McGuire, Hillary; Temple, Jeff, R. Racial Discrimination, Mental Health, and Interpersonal Violence in Racial/Ethnic Minority Adolescents
128 Myint, Wah, W; Clark, Heather, R; Zemanek, Kim, A; Ward, Kayce; Mitchell, Stacy, A; Downing, Nancy, R. An Innovative Telehealth Approach for Continuing Education for Clinicians at Rural Hospitals in South Texas
129 Milkie Vu; Timothy Hong; Duy Trinh A Latent Class Analysis of Attitudes Towards Adolescent Vaccination Among U.S. Vietnamese Immigrant Parents
130 Turner-McGrievy, Gabrielle, M; Delgado-Diaz, Diana, C; DuBois, Kelli, E; Monroe, Courtney, M; Wilcox, Sara The Relationship of Early Intervention Activities and 6-Month Weight Loss: What Predicts Weight Loss in a Behavioral mHealth Intervention?
131 Heckman, Timothy G.; Heckman, Bernadette D.; Markowitz, John C.; Kalichman, Seth; Halkitis, Perry N.; Jensen, Michael Violent Far-Right Extremists in the United States: A Profile for Prevention
133 Ganz, Ollie; Giovenco, Daniel P.; Ross, Jennifer Cornacchione; Spillane, Torra E.; Talbot, Eugene; Uriarte, Caitlin; LaVake, Melanie; Wackowski, Olivia A.; Delnevo, Cristine D. Promotion of Cigar Products in Instagram “Stories”
134* Zheng, Xia; Yang, Meng; Lin, Hsien-Chang Dynamic Relationships Between Social Media Use, Mental Problems, and Substance Use Among Youth: A National Longitudinal Study
135* Rossheim, Matthew, E.; Tillett, Kayla, K.; Vasilev, Viktor.; LoParco, Cassidy, R.; Berg, Carla, J.; Trangenstein, Pamela, J.; Yockey, R., Andrew.; Sussman, Steven, Y.; Siegel, Michael, B.; Jernigan, David, H. Types and Brands of Derived Psychoactive Cannabis Products: An Online Retail Assessment
136 Bhochhibhoya, Shristi; Edison, Briana; Baumler, Elizabeth, R.; Markham, Christine, M.; Emery, Susan, T.; Peskin, Melissa, F.; Shegog, Ross; Addy, Robert; Temple, Jeff, R.; Reidy, Dennis, E. Abstinence Beliefs in Early Adolescence and Sexual Risk Behavior Two Years Later
137 Montemayor, Benjamin, N.; Flores, Sara, A. Exploring Cannabis Concentrate Consumption among High-Risk College Students: Reasons, Risks, and Sociodemographic Influences
138 Moore, Michele; Perniciaro, Kelly; Zeglin, Robert; Terell, Kassie; Barr, Elissa Body Dissatisfaction and Health Risk Behaviors among Middle School Girls
139 Lee, Yen-Han; López Castillo, Humberto; Chang, Yen-Chang Sexual Minority Identities and Their Perceptions of Illicit Drug Use Risks in the US: Results from a National Survey
140 An, Ruopeng; Wang, Xi; Chen, Chen; Yang, Fan Assessing Biases of Ideal Body Images Generated from Stable Diffusion
141 Yang, Yuyi; Lin, Nan; Batcheller, Quinlan; Zhou, Qianzi; Anderson, Jami; An, Ruopeng Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on Menu Labeling Regulations in the US
142 Fan, Qiping; Hoang, Minh-Nguyet; DuBose, Logan, Lee; Ory, Marcia, G; Lee, Shinduk; Vennatt, Jeswin; Salha, Diana; Falohun, Tokunbo Assessing the Caregiving Needs and Evaluating the Olera.Care Web-Based Platform for Caregiving of People Living with Dementia
143* Prochnow, Tyler; Patterson, Meg, S.; Jackson, Deja; Curran, Laurel, S; Flores, Sara, A; Brown, Amelia; Howell, Emily; Massey, Philip; Blake, Jamilia Peer Protection: Social Connections and Adolescent Mental Health in Summer Youth Development Programs
144 Young, Michael; Cox, Kevin Results From The FELLAS Fatherhood Evaluation
145 Cho, Beomyoung; Pan, Yining; Chapman, McKinley; Spaulding, Aaron; Stallings-Smith, Sericea Changes in Obesity Prevalence Among U.S. Adults After the COVID-19 Pandemic by State and Territorial Stay-At-Home Order Level and Sociodemographic Characteristics
146 Gregory, Kayleigh, A; King, Keith, A; Vidourek, Rebecca, A; Merianos, Ashley, L Physical Pain, School Engagement, and Volunteer and Paid Work among U.S. Adolescents
147 Ganz, Ollie; Young, William; Bover Manderski, Michelle; Cantrell, Jennifer; Delnevo, Cristine D Differences in Receptivity to Menthol Cigarette Advertising Between Adults With and Without Anxiety and Depression
148 Sterling, Kymberle L.; Ganz, Ollie; Wackowski, Olivia A.; Glasser, Allison M.; Villanti, Andrea C. Widespread Misperceptions About Tobacco Company Engagement in Black Communities
149 Ping Ma; Wah Wah, Myint; Emily Markentell; Chris Mccook; Angela Nguyen; Andrea Espinosa; Taylor Harber; Zak Hammoudeh; Danica Amirtham; Shawn Chiang Assessing the Impact of Social Media on Adolescents’ Mental Health and Sleeping Using Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA): A Systematic Review
150 Lee, Shieun; Elam, Kit, K; Luo, Juhua; Lohrmann, David, L; Chow, Angela Rival Mediated Pathways of Frequent Social Media Use, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Use and Internalizing Mental Health Problems
151 Wenhua Lu; Renee D. Goodwin Telehealth Divide in Depression and Substance Use Treatment among US Adults, 2021
152 Perez, Jacqueline; Jarvis, Jocelyn, E; Jones, Rashida; Stern, Marilyn; Himmelgreen, David; Conner, Kyaien; Dumford, Amber; DeBate, Rita, D Multi-level Determinants of Food Pantry Use Among Food Insecure Racial and Ethnic Diverse College Students
153 Brown, Nashira, I; Buro, Acadia; Jones, Rashida; Himmelgreen, David; Dumford, Amber; Conner, Kyaien; Stern, Marilyn; DeBate, Rita, D  Multi-Level Determinants of Food Insecurity Among Racial and Ethnic Diverse College Students

*Denotes RSMP scholars' presentations

** Denotes Protocol Presentations

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