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Scientific Meeting 2024 - Poster Session 3

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
5:45pm - 7:00pm

Board # Authors Poster Title



Thai, Jessica, M.; Garey, Lorra; Zvolensky, Michael, J.; Gallagher, Matthew, W.; Vujanovic, Anka; Kendzor, Darla, E.; Stephens, Lancer; Cheney, Marshall, K.; Cole, Ashley, B.; Kezbers, Krista; Matoska, Cameron, T.; Robison, Jillian; Montgomery, Audrey; McGrew, Shelby, J.; Businelle, Michael, S. Study Protocol for the Easing Anxiety Sensitivity for Everyone (EASE) Randomized Controlled Trial: A Smartphone-Based Anxiety and Depression Intervention for Racially/Ethnically Diverse Adults



Pudney, Ellen, V; Schofer, Wendy, E; Kekeh, Michele, A; Bartholmae, Marilyn, M; Bittner, Michael, C; Kelley, Mackenzie, K; Burross Jackson, Laura, A The Family in Focus Online Health Behavior Coaching Program for Parents of Children with Body Weight Concerns: Protocol for a Pilot Randomized Controlled Intervention



Jones, Ava, A; Nizio, Pamella; Clausen, Bryce; Businelle, Michael, S; Ponton, Natalia; Redmond, Brooke, Y; Buckner, Julia, D; Obasi, Ezemenari, M; Zvolensky, Michael, J; Garey, Lorra Protocol for a Mobile Application to Address Cannabis Use Disorder Among Black Adults



Martinez Leal, Isabel; Britton, Maggie; Dey, Annesha; Jafry, Midhat Z; Rogova, Anastasia; Chen, Tzuan A; Obasi, Ezemenari M; Woodard, LeChauncy; Reitzel, Lorraine R Addressing Tobacco-Related and Lung Cancer Inequities Among Black Adults: A Mixed Methods Pilot Project



Bizier, Andre; Thai, Jessica, M.; Businelle, Michael, S.; Kezbers, Krista, M.; Hoeppner, Bettina, B.; Giordano, Thomas, P.; Gallagher, Matthew, W.; Zvolensky, Michael, J.; Garey, Lorra An Integrated mHealth Application for Smoking Cessation in Black Smokers with HIV: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial



Britton, Maggie; Kakarla, Sriya, N; Arora, Sankalp; Martinez Leal, Isabel; Chen, Tzuan, A; Cofer, Jennifer; Sanchez, Hector; Reitzel, Lorraine, R Alliances to Combat Tobacco in Organizations Now (Project ACTION): A Funded Study Protocol to Increase Evidence-Based Tobacco Intervention Capacity in LGBTQI+ Community and Healthcare Centers



Donnelly, Joseph; Young, Michael; Hecht, Michael; Carr, Dametreea An Innovative Approach To Teen Pregnancy Prevention



Britton, Maggie; Le, Cameron; Martinez Leal, Isabel; Rogova, Anastasia; Chen, Tzuan, A; Karam-Hage, Maher; Cinciripini, Paul, M; Sanchez, Hector; Reitzel, Lorraine, R Addressing High Tobacco Use Rates at Opioid Treatment Centers Through Comprehensive Tobacco-Free Workplace Programming: A Funded Clinical Quality Improvement Study Protocol
309 Chow, Angela Maternal Depression Trajectory Patterns from First year through Fifteen Years Postpartum: Impacts on Adolescent Offspring
310 Cho, Beomyoung; Pan, Yining; German, Mariel; Stallings-Smith, Sericea Cancer Information Seekers’ Comprehension Level and the Association with Preventable Cancer Risk Factors: A Cross-sectional Analysis from a Nationally Representative U.S. Adult Survey
311 Low, Sabina; Lu, Yu; Temple, Jeff, R. Traditional and Race-Based Bullying in Racial-Minority Majority and Racially Diverse Schools
312 Tomar, Aditi; Harvey, Idethia, Shevon; Myint, Wah, Wah; Feng, Shuo Examining the Impact of Health-Related and Health System Factors on the Relationship Between Patient-Centered Communication HPV Knowledge and Perceived Effectiveness of the HPB Vaccine
313 Tomar, Aditi; Thompson, Erika, L.; Smith, Matthew, Lee The Roles of Social Media Health Communication and Social Influences on College Students’ Perceptions About HPV Vaccine Confidence
314 Adepoju, Omolola, E; Bristow, Alane; Dang, Patrick; Baiden, Philip; Jacobs, Wura Attitudes Knowledge and Perception of AI in Health Care in a Racially Diverse Lower-Income Population in Houston New York and Los Angeles
315 Galvin, Annalynn M.; Unegbu, Crystal; Barr, Emily; Santa Maria, Diane M Perceived HIV-Related Health Information Needs Behaviors and Outcomes for Youth Experiencing Homelessness at Risk for HIV: A Qualitative Study
316 Kearney, Matthew, D; Bracy, Danny; Cronholm, Peter The Persistence of MPOX Myths: A Deep Dive into Post-Outbreak Discourse on X
317 Maria Guevara Galicia; Lydia Lising; Mikaela M. Rojas; Lizbeth Becerra; Eric Shanazari; Kimberly Rogers; Myriam Forster Gender Differences in the Association Between Bullying Behaviors and Academic Achievement Among a Sample of Diverse Rural and Urban Adolescents
318 Aggad, Roaa; Myint, Wah; Osuji, Chimuanya; Tomer, Aditi Does Acceptance of Wife Beating Attitude Influence Intimate Partner Violence Experience among the Filipino Women?
320 Doherty, Emily, A.; Moyers, Susette, A.; Crockett-Barbera, Erica, K.; Chiaf, Ashleigh, L.; Appleseth, Hannah, S.; Leffingwell, Quinn; Croff, Julie, M. Daily Patterns of Poly-Substance Use Among Reproductive Age Females Impulsivity and Risky Sexual Behavior: A Day-Level Latent Class Analysis
321 Pickett, Andrew, C; Longanathar, Priya; Linden, Anna; Boutillier, Justin; Sinclair, Kelsey, L; Elliott, Christian; Zuraw, Matthew; Werner, Nicole, E When Users Engage Matters: Examining Associations Between Time of Day, Semantic Sentiment, User Engagement, and Mood State in an Online Support Program for Caregivers of People Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (AD/ADRD)
323 Kekeh Michele; Dial Kathy; Tonn Cara; Yancura Loriena A Understanding the Support and Resource Needs of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
324 Rovito, Michael, J; Dworkin, Shari; Allen, Keri; Rovito, Kathy, E; Martinez, Sydney Psychometric Properties of the Adolescent and Young Adult Men – Health Indicators Scale (AYAM-HIS)
325 Dobbs, Page, D; Arthur, Erin; Peterson, Olivia; Seymore, Jessica; Buttram, Mance; Davis, Robert Factors Associated with Hazardous Drinking Among Daily E-Cigarette Users
326 Thrasher, James, F; Davis, Rachel, E; Fang, Dai; Nieto, Claudia; White, Christine, M; Jáuregui, Alejandra; Hammond, David Assessing Transnational Spillover Effects of Mexico’s Front-of-Package Nutritional Labelling System Among Mexican Americans in the US: Findings from the 2021 and 2022 International Food Policy Surveys
327 Clark, Heather, R; Myint, Wah, W; Zemanek, Kim, A; Ward, Kayce; Mitchell, Stacy, A; Downing, Nancy, R Clinician’s Overall Satisfaction, Perceived Effectiveness of Teaching Methods, and Future Learning Needs
328 Young, Michael; Montesa, Emmanuel; Alvarado, Rachel Evaluation Of A READY4Life Program For Refugee And Immigrant Youth
330 Jacobs, Wura; Qin, Weisiyu; Leventhal, Adam Identifying Pertinent Risk Factors for Nicotine and Cannabis Use Among Hispanic Young Adults: A Classification and Regression Tree Application
331 Handley, Sage; Patterson, Megan, S.; Heinrich, Katie, M.; Francis, Allison, N.; Khanhkham, Ashley; Garcia, Vanessa, R.; Howell, Emily; Fields, Allison; Prochnow, Tyler; Barry, Adam A Boost of Confidence: Participation in a Sober Active Community and Abstinence Self-Efficacy
332 Young, Michael; Johnson, Katrina Preliminary Results From the Horizon Eagle Fatherhood Program
333 Myint, Wah, W; Clark, Heather, R; Zemanek, Kim, A; Ward, Kayce; Mitchell, Stacy, A; Downing, Nancy, R Use of ECHO/SAFE Telehealth Intervention in Clinicians’ Capacity Building on Trauma-Informed Patient-Centered Care
334 Suh, Ganghui; Chow, Angela; Ou, Tzung-Shiang; Lin, Hsien-Chang Adverse and Positive Childhood Experiences and Associated Adulthood Criminal Conviction
335* Zheng, Xia; Li, Wenbo; Yang, Meng; Lin, Hsien-Chang Anti-E-cigarette Use Content Exposure on Social Media Attenuates the Association Between Mental Health Problems and E-cigarette Use among Youth
336* Chen, Xuewei; Winterowd, Carrie; Li, Ming; Kreps, Gary, L. Identifying Mental Health Literacy as a Key Predictor of COVID-19 Vaccination Acceptance among American Indian/Alaska Native/Native American People
337 Owens, Christopher; Hubach, Randolph D Mpox Media Consumptions Attitudes and Preferences
338 Heinrich, Katie M; Collinson, Beth; Valdez, Danny What Do They Talk About? How Individuals Connected to Addiction Recovery Engage via The Phoenix Mobile App
339 Wende, Marilyn, E; Umstattd Meyer, M. Renée; Enriquez, Serena; Bridges Hamilton, Christina, N; Prochnow, Tyler; Sharkey, Joseph, R Strategies for Paternal and Child Physical Activity: Application of the Social-Ecological Model to Dyadic Interviews Among Mexican Heritage Fathers
340* Zheng, Xia Fitness Technology and Physical Activity: Mediating Roles of Communication Behaviors on Social Media
341 Mendelson, Sherri, G; Efrat, Merav; Forster, Myriam Lactation Telehealth Simulation Session for Lactation Students: Promoting Communication Between LCs and Breastfeeding Parents
342 Mukhopadhyay Ayesha; Lugemwa Tony; Asfar Taghrid; Nakkash Rima; Maziak Wasim; Ward Kenneth Correlates of E-cigarette Use Among Young Adults in Lebanon
343 Pucillo, Evan M.; Andrea, Catherine, M. Are Screen Time and Social Media Consumption Related to Poorer Health and Academic Outcomes in Graduate Students?
345 Merianos, Ashley, L; Olaniyan, Afolakemi, C; Nabors, Laura, A; King, Keith, A Adverse Childhood Experiences and Current Electronic Cigarette Use among Young Adults in the United States
346 Merianos, Ashley, L; Hill, Madelyn, J; Mahabee-Gittens, E, Melinda Home Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure Associated with Inadequate Sleep Duration among U.S. Adolescents
347 Ben Rudolph; Sumit Sharma; Leily Ayala; Jonna Thomas; Ebony Jackson-Shaheed; Anna E. Price Perceived Friend and Family Support for COVID-19 Vaccination is Associated with Parents’ Decision to Vaccinate Their Children in a Diverse Lower Income Community in the Northeastern US
349 Oman, Roy, F; Sanchez, Louisiana, M; Lensch, Taylor; Lu, Minggen Longitudinal Study of Parent-Child Communication and Youth Sexual Risk Behaviors
350 Chen, Xuewie; Njoroge, Rose W; Liu, Taiping; Hu, Tao Examining the Relationship Between Health Literacy and Primary Source of Information for Healthcare Services Among Rural Residents 

*Denotes RSMP scholars' presentations

** Denotes Protocol Presentations

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