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Scientific Meeting 2024 - Poster Session 2

Monday, April 15, 2024
5:45pm - 7:00pm

Board # Authors Poster Title



Walcott, Chrishann; Lavoie, Hannah, A.; McVay, Megan, A.; Wilkins, Francesca; Seoane, Montserrat Carrera; Jake-Schoffman, Danielle, E. Developing a Brief Educational Module About Weight Loss Misinformation: An Exploratory Interview Study
202 Looney, Erin, N; Chupak, Anna, L; Pellizzari, Jenna; Hesam Shariati, Farnaz; Kaczynski, Andrew, T Does the Combined Effect of Walkability and Air Pollution Impact Health Behaviors and Outcomes in South Carolina?
203 Asadi, Mia; Recinos, Manderley; Perry, Elizabeth; Kinnish, Kelly; Self-Brown, Shannon Trauma History and Social Media Behaviors Among Youth who have a History of Commercial Sexual Exploitation/Trafficking (CSE/T)
204 Shahverdi, Abnous; Alhassan, Sarah; Forster, Myriam; Dahlman, Linn; Rainisch, Bethany Evaluation of a Novel Substance Use Prevention Web-App Delivered to Diverse Young Adult College Students in Southern California
205 Ferdous, Sharika; Shaukat, Natasha; Chowdhury, Sreshtha; Roy, Simanta; Ferdous, Tarana; Maziak, Wasim; Asfar, Taghrid Impact of Pictorial Health Warning Labels on the Waterpipe Device on Smokers’ Subjective Measures: A Within-Subject Crossover Clinical Lab Experiment
206 Alkhatib, Sarah, A; Balasundaram, Rohit, B; Johnson, Kaeli, C; Griner, Stacey, B; Thompson, Erika, L Religion and Immigration in the Choice of Contraception
207 Beattie, Cassandra, M.; Streetman, Aspen, E.; Heinrich, Katie, M. Experiences of Gym Users with Congenital and Acquired Disabilities
208 Davis, Andrew, S; Tyers, Francis, M; Valdez, Danny; Parker, Maria Leveraging Data Mining to Map Opioid Discourse on ‘X’ Formerly Twitter: Insights into Regional Drug Use Preferences, Communication Style, and Content Moderation Challenges
209 Lising, Lydia, N; Guevara, Maria; Rogers, Christopher; Grigsby, Timothy; Forster, Myriam The Association Between Parental Substance Use, Coping Styles, and Students’ Substance Use Among a Sample of Diverse College Students
210 Osuji, Chimuanya, P; Aggad, Roaa; Myint, Wah Wah; Tomar, Aditi Social Determinants of Women’s Decision Making among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
211 Shanazari, Eric; Shahverdi, Abnous; Zhang, Xiao; Rogers, Christopher; Unger, Jennifer; Forster, Myriam The Unique/Independent Effects of Household Incarceration on Diverse Youths’ Marijuana Nicotine and Alcohol Use
212 Nuzhath, Tasmiah Online Discourse and Misuse of Ozempic: Insights from posts and videos on TikTok Instagram and YouTube
213 Osuji, Chimuanya, P; Myint, Wah Wah; Aggad, Roaa; Tomar, Aditi Association Between Controlling Behaviors and Social Determinants of Intimate Partner Violence among Filipino Women
214 Rojas, Mikaela, M; Guevara, Maria; Hamidzadeh, Olivia, N; Lising, Lydia, N; Rogers, Kim; Forster, Myriam The Association Between Problematic Internet Use and Bullying Behaviors Among a Sample of Diverse Rural and Urban Adolescents: The Promise of Developmental Assets
215 Cofer, Jennifer H; Johnson, Shumeka; Wallace, Kashantenal; Hurst, Alex; Kypriotakis, George; Blalock, Janice A Leveraging Technology to Educate Adolescents on the Harms of Tobacco Products
216 Koob, Caitlin E; Stuenkel, Mackenzie; Griffin, Sarah F; Fair, Melissa; Sease, Kerry K Improving Uptake of a Novel Chatbot to Promote Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Among Children Who are Overweight/Obese: Next Steps to Addressing Patient-Provider Communication Barriers
217 Sharma, Kirti; Freeman, Rashad; Kapoor, Pranav; Balle, Mary; Magee, Lauren A; Valdez, Danny; Macy, Jonathan T Twitter Sentiment Following a Mass Shooting Event at Club Q an LGBTQ+ Nightclub in Colorado
218 Hall, Luke, C; Okon, M; Fan, Q; Shaw, M; Williams, J; Sherrill, W, W; Zhang, L Prevalence and Associated Factors of Marijuana Use Among Cancer Survivors in the US
219 Johnson, Kaeli, C; Balasundaram, Rohit, B; Akpan, Idara, N; Kinard, Ashlyn; Griner, Stacey, B Breastfeeding Initiation by Breastfeeding Information Source and Race
220 Sunghyun Chung How Does Misinformation Impact Trust in Information from Social Media Platforms?
221 Tillett Kayla K; Seo Dong C; Bone Carlton; Berg Carla J; Rossheim Matthew E; Peeri Noah C; LoParco Cassidy R Associations Between Opioid and Kratom Use Across Racial and Ethnic Groups in a U.S. Representative Sample
222 Tillett, Kayla, K; Rossheim, Matthew, E; Berg, Carla, J; LoParco, Cassidy R Policy-Relevant Factors for the Online Retail of Derived Psychoactive Cannabis Products
223 Wasata, Ruhun; Guerra-Reyes, Lucía; Valdez, Danny; Herbenick, Debby; Lester, Jessica ‘Friend or Foe?’: Understanding the Role of Social Media in the Disparity of Information on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Among Minority Women
224 Wasata, Ruhun; Guerra-Reyes, Lucía; Herbenick, Debby; Lester, Jessica Online Platforms: A Connecting Point for Providing Comprehensive Support Needs for Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Living in the United States of America
225 Takahashi, Fuga; Patel, Praneel; Xie, Jeffrey; Patel, Shalin; Nair, Neil; Dixit, Vish Exploring the Effects of Varying Musical Parameters on Patience Modulation in Stressed Situations by Verifying a Novel Machine Learning Model with a Behavioral Study
226 Vigil, Jorge, A; Rogers, Christopher; Shanazari, Eric; Donis, Stephanie, C; Forster, Myriam Exploring the Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences Internet Use and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents
227 Akpan, Idara, N; Thompson, Erika, L; Northeim, K Exploring Spatial Patterns of Sociodemographic Characteristics and Multiple Chronic Conditions Among US Adults Aged 65 and Older
228 Akpan, Idara, N; Maynard, G; Meadows, Rachel, J; Fulda, Kimberly, G; Patel, Divya, A; Matches, S; Gehr, Aaron, W; Lu, Yan; Thompson, Erika, L Empowering Clinics with HPV CHAT: Lessons Learned From the Implementation of a Provider-Focused Initiative
229 Yuan, Shuhan; Elam, Kit K.; Lin, Hsien-Chang; Johnston, Jeanne D.; Chow, Angela Daily Sleep Cognitive Interference and the Moderating Role of Physical Activity in Middle-Aged Adults
230 Ou, Tzung-Shiang; Buu, Anne; Yang, James; Lin, Hsien-Chang Is E-cigarette Use Context Linked to E-cigarette Dependence? A Longitudinal Examination Among College Students
231 Cebulske, Lauren; Saba, Victoria; McLaurin, Natalie; Wang, Tianyu; Welsh, Ashley; Montero-Zamora, Pablo; Tanaka, Hirofumi; Steinhardt, Mary The Mediating Role of Emotional Dysregulation on the Association Between Diabetes Distress and Depressive Symptoms in African-American Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
232 AAkpan, Idara, N; Nhpang, Rio San; Webb, Nathaniel; Alkhatib, Sarah, A; Krenek, Brittany; Griner, Stacey, B; Thompson, Erika, L Patient-Centered Healthcare Interaction and Human Papillomavirus Awareness Among a Nationally Representative Sample of US Adults
233 Richardson, Emily, M; Dobbs, Page, D; Seymore, Jessica; Arthur, Erin; Peterson, Olivia; Veilleux, Jenn; Davis, Robert; Buttram, Mance Distress Depression and E-cigarette Dependence among Daily E-Cigarette Users
234 Alkhatib, Sarah, A; Phillips, Kalani, K; Weinzierl, Maxwell; Vasquez, Hannah, E; Harabagiu, Sanda, M; Hopfer, Suellen Adaptation of an HPV Vaccine Evidence-Based Program to the Social Media Environment
235 Ousley, Terra, M; Chen, Ann, T; Obasi, Ezemenari, M The Relationship Between Neighborhood Disorganization and Alcohol Consumption Among African American Emerging Adults: Examining the Moderating Effect of Social Support
236 Krenek, Brittany, N; Akpan, Idara, N; Balasundaram, Rohit, B; Thompson, Erika, L; Luningham, Justin, M Does Christian Denomination Influence Likelihood to be Up to Date on Cervical Cancer Screening?
237 Satterfield, Naomi; Seo, Dong-Chul; Crabtree, Charlotte; Cochran, Nicki; Alba-Lopez, Leonardo; Lee, Shin Hyung; Phillips, Justin "Things can go left." Life-Saving Behaviors Following an Opioid Overdose: Interviews with Members of Indianapolis’ Black Community
238 Hoeper, Samantha; Chavez, Luis; Granner, Michelle, L The Relationship Between Sense of Belonging and Physical and Social Environments
239 Farnaz Hesam Shariati; Shirelle Hallum; Marilyn Wende; Kelsey Thomas; Anna Chupak; Eleanor Witherspoon; Andrew T. Kaczynski Unearthing Inequities in the Relationship Between Multiple Sociodemographic Factors and Diverse Elements of Park Availability and Quality in a Major Southern Metropolitan Region
240 McCann, Rebecca; Richardson, Emily; Schisler, Eric, D; Luzius, Abbie, B; Dobbs, Page, D Perceptions and Risks: A Comparative Analysis of Pregnant Smokers' Views on Cigarette and E-Cigarette Use during Pregnancy
241 Luzius, Abbie, B; Kaiser, Emerson; Phomsopha, Emily; Dobbs, Page, D Exploring the Impact of 'Place' on Healthcare Access: A Systematic Review
242 Mohd Rafiq, Alfiya Shaikh; Clark, Heather; Zemanek, Kim; Ward, Kayce; Mitchell, Stacey; Downing, Nancy Exploring Law Enforcement knowledge and perceived attitude towards Telehealth-based Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination Technology - A Comparative Analysis of Pre- and Post-Training Data
243 Cofer, Jennifer; Hurst, Alex; Javaid, Mehwish; Lee, Eugenia; Sterling, Kymberle Flavors, Tobacco, and (Mis)Perceptions, Oh My!
244 Yang, Meng; Lin, Hsien-Chang Examining Sequential Pathways from E-cigarette Quit Intention to Quit Attempt and Abstinence Among U.S. Young Adults
245 Wang, Jingyi; Luo, Juhua; Lin, Hsien-Chang; Quinn, Patrick, D; Chow, Angela Food Insecurity Trajectory Classes and Their Association with Psychological Distress
246 Lee, Shin Hyung; Seo, Dong-Chul Examining Racial Disparities in Perceived Discrimination, Stigma of Drug Use, and Distrust Toward Law Enforcement in Indianapolis, Indiana
247 Chupak, Anna, L.; Hallum, Shirelle, H.; Thomas, Kelsey, M.; Looney, Erin, T.; Witherspoon, Eleanor; Huynh, Nathan; Kaczynski, Andrew, T. Disparities in Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes by Social Vulnerability Across South Carolina
248 German, Mariel, P; Stallings-Smith, Sericea Viral Motivation: Analyzing Engagement Drivers in Tweets about Exercise in the COVID-19 Era
249 Yu, Hyunmin; Bonett, Stephen; Aryal, Subhash; Kornides, Melanie, L; Glanz, Karen; Villarruel, Antonia, M; Bauermeister, José, A. Psychosocial Factors Associated with Intentions of Young Adults to Receive a COVID-19 Booster
250 Shahverdi, Abnous; Shanazari, Eric; Vigil, Jorge; Unger, Jennifer; Grigsby, Timothy; Forster, Myriam Ethnic Differences in the Relationship Between Familial Incarceration and Problematic Internet Smartphone Use Among Adolescents
251 Edison, Briana; Austin, Chelsea; Kordas, Camille; Jones, Ronyell; Cortez, Oscar; Laterra, Anne; Reidy, Dennis, E Sexual Communication with Partners: Emerging Adults’ Reflections on Sources, Content, and Gaps of Sex Education
252 Chen, Angela, W; Hall, Maiah, J Practices Associated with Reductions in Episiotomy Practice: A Systematic Review
253 Mills, Alexandra, H; Coreas, Saida, I; Rahman, Tahsin; Clapp, John, D; Pedersen, Eric, R Assessing Resilience as a Moderator in the Association Between Perceived Stress and Problematic Alcohol and Cannabis Use
254 Wang, Shanshan; Rossheim, Matthew, E; Walters, Scott, T; Nandy, Rajesh, R; Northeim, Kari Geographic Trends in Overall and Long-acting Opioid Prescribing Rates Under Medicaid and Medicare Part D in the United States, 2013-2021
255 Bakhsh, Jomanah, A; Vu, My, H; Salvy, Sarah, J; Goran, Michael, I; Vidmar, Alaina, P Eight-Hour Time-Restricted Eating and Dietary Quantity and Quality in Adolescents with Obesity
256 Hawk, Makenna; Dutta, Tapati; Agley, Jon Qualitative Analysis of College Students’ Vaccine Beliefs Using the Theory of Planned Behavior: Study at a Native American-Serving Non-Tribal Institution

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