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2024 Mentorship Awardee

Philip M. Massey, PhD, MPHDr. Philip M. Massey, PhD, MPH

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Dr. Philip M. Massey, PhD, MPH, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. His health communication scholarship focuses on media and technology in the U.S. and globally, on topics ranging from social media, vaccine communication, health literacy, entertainment education, and ethics in social media research.

He has examined patterns and shifts in public opinion toward HPV vaccination on Twitter and Instagram, focusing on what types of messages are shared and how content is related to reach and impact. He has also developed and tested cancer prevention messages on social media to engage parents about the HPV vaccine, leveraging the power of narrative engagement and storytelling, and more recently extended this work to alcohol recovery. His global health work has examined the impact of media effects on health knowledge and attitudes, specifically related to storytelling and narrative engagement among a West African population, utilizing digital and social media. In addition, he has contributed to characterizing and addressing misinformation on the internet and social media, demonstrating the importance of identifying various dimensions of misinformation that can lead to tailored interventions.

A native of North Carolina, Dr. Massey enjoys road trips with his wife and three daughters, exploring nature, playing and watching sports, and eating plenty of great food.

What does this award mean to you?

I am deeply grateful to be honored with this mentorship award. I have benefited from strong mentors in my career, from my graduate training to early career, and I seek to pay it forward each and every day. I have learned that mentoring is a journey – it does not happen overnight – and must be intentional and a priority. Mentoring is one of the most important and rewarding activities that we can do – it connects us and reminds us of the human elements of our work. I am honored to receive the 2024 AAHB Mentorship Award and will continue to prioritize mentoring in my career.

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